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Kentucky's second oldest golf course

Enjoy the beautiful and historical scenery in the hills of Stearns, Kentucky


Established in 1936

Stearns Golf Course, 131 Clubhouse Drive, Stearns, authored by Shane Gilreath and Marty Perry, Kentucky Heritage Council National Register coordinator. The original Stearns Golf Course consisted of nine holes and was established in the early 20th century in Stearns, a former coal company town, and in a region of few golf courses due to the ruggedness of topography and scarcity of level land.

The area proposed for listing is approximately 180 acres, including the 49-acre golf course, a clubhouse and pool. The log clubhouse dates to 1936 and was funded by the Works Progress Administration. According to the author, the kidney-shaped, in-ground pool, also constructed in the 1930s, was one of only 805 WPA swimming pools constructed in the U.S.

The site is nominated under Criterion A, significant within the context “Coal Company Towns in Eastern Kentucky, 1854-1965.” According to the nomination, the site “… is a very unusual place, as well as a significant one. It shows the lengths that some coal companies went to create a familiar experience in a very foreign place, importing a feature of urban leisure in a place of rural work.”

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Stearns Heritage Hills Golf Course History

The golf course in Historic Stearns has an unbelievable history, dating back to the turn of the 20th Century, making it one of the earliest courses in the entire state. #HistoricStearns welcomes you to come take a swing with us!

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